About Us

Health Care Minerals is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Himalayan rock salt products. Established and operating since 2009, we take great pride in serving clients around the world with the finest quality products created by rock salt and designed to perfection.

 Extracted from the Khewra Mines of Pakistan, Health Care Mineral’s Himalayan rock salt is derived, designed and packaged in its purest form, preserving the mineral elements, which are most beneficial for health.

 Our priority remains to focus on the health benefits our product has to offer and we ensure this is not compromised in any way. With a customer base that includes clients in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States of America, Health Care Minerals is devoted to bringing a holistic lifestyle to your doorstep.


 Our Values:

 Remaining Candid, Committed and Creative throughout our professional services.

 As a globally trusted and well-reputed company, Health Care Minerals concentrates on remaining candid every step of the way. From the products we provide to the methods of deriving and designing them, and last but not least, to delivering them – we provide transparency throughout.

Our commitment begins and ends at satisfying our clients. In order to achieve that, we understand how important it is to craft the perfect products, keep their health elements intact and deliver exactly what and when we promise.

Remaining creative is key to our growth. From products for individuals and animals to households and businesses, we strive to remain innovative and bring forth a larger variety of products so that you can have numerous ways of enjoying the benefits of our products and incorporating them into your daily life.