Himalayan Salt 101

Pink Himalayan Salt comes from Salt Range of the Potohar Region in Pakistan which extends into the Mighty Himalayas, this product is actually a mineral & is the purest form of Rock Salt that is available anywhere in the world. It is a natural, very coarse-grained salt and contains 84 minerals and trace elements. The pink crystals of this salt range in color from white to pink, to a much darker red. This is because of the high mineral and iron content it contains.

Himalayan Pink Salt was formed over 250 million years ago.  It is found naturally, within the Himalayan Mountains and has been considered a valuable spice for many centuries. Because of this natural protection, it is a common belief that Himalayan Pink Salt is the purest salt on earth.

The Himalayan salt has been used as a preservative. It helped to keep the fish and meat from spoiling for long periods of time; even today it is used in butcheries where natural curing of meat is required. That is why it quickly became a common mineral of use in ancient times. Over the years people who started using it discovered many more uses of the minerals which is evident from its popularity across the Globe now.

This salt is often referred to as “white gold” in the Himalayas.

Culinary Uses
Pink salt is used the same way table salt would be used in cooking and baking. However, Himalayan Pink Salt is higher in mineral content than traditional table salt.  It is considered a true gourmet cooking salt by top chefs across the Globe.  It also adds an interesting pink color and different texture to foods which brings something special to your cuisine.  This salt is a wonderful ingredient in grilling, cooking, roasting and seasoning foods along with its natural preservative qualities which has been in use for centuries.

Along with edible qualities that this salt possesses it can also be brought to excellent use as a cooking block/slab or molding it into serving plates and glasses or shots to further enhance the experience of culinary delights.

Medicinal Uses
Himalayan Pink Salt is beneficial in the following ways to one health:

  • Keeping you hydrated when mixed with water
  • Increasing libido
  • Reducing sinus infections and sinus related problems
  • Increasing bone strength
  • Reducing wrinkles
  • Reducing cramps
  • Helping with better and more restful sleep
  • Regulating good blood pressure
  • Soothes respiratory tract

Decorative Uses

Himalayan Rock salt when chiseled into a salt lamp, most popular being the Natural shape, not only accentuates the ambiance of the place where it is placed but also acts as a natural humidifier when used as Salt lamp.

Therapeutic Uses

Himalayan rock salt can be molded into massage balls and different wellness products like Bath scrubs which act as a natural detox improving skin and giving the user a natural feeling of wellness & glow. Furthermore Himalayan rock salt is used in building Salt Rooms for both therapeutic purposes & giving the ambiance a natural and pure environment in Health Spas, Cafes and Restaurants.